New data from a South Korean research firm shows that EV battery manufacturer CATL is once against the largest in the world by installed battery capacity. The company saw growth over 165% compared to 2020 and holds the title of world’s largest battery manufacturer for the fifth year in a row.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd., better known as CATL, is a global energy technology company and the leading EV battery manufacturer in China. As a supplier to major EV automakers like Tesla, CATL has plenty of clients demanding its products, helping the company grow its capacity of installed EV batteries.

In addition to supplying Tesla, CATL also provides EV batteries to companies like NIO and Volkswagen and will soon be providing the battery cells for Fisker’s upcoming Ocean SUV. Additionally, CATL has developed other battery technologies such as sodium-ion cells as well as it’s own recently announced EV battery swap brand.

With so many battery technologies being developed, it’s easy to understand how a company like CATL has become the world’s largest battery manufacturer. On that note, the latest data recapping 2021 only solidifies the company as the top dog in batteries.

CATL remains the largest battery manufacturer by capacity

A recent report by SNE Research out of South Korea ranked the top 10 largest battery manufacturers based on electric vehicle (EV, PHEV, HEV)-mounted batteries sold in 2021 throughout the globe.

As you can see from the pie chart above, CATL takes the top spot with its name on 32.6% of all EV batteries installed in 2021. In 2021 alone, CATL’s installed power battery capacity was 96.7 GWh up from 36.2 GWh a year prior – that’s an increase of 167.13%.

You may also notice a battle between China and South Korea within the top six spots on the list, as LG Energy Solution, SK On, and Samsung SDI claim spots two, five, and six respectively. CATL’s fellow Chinese manufacturer BYD took fourth.

Lastly, Panasonic is representing Japan by taking bronze for 2021. Every other company in the world holds a piece of the EV battery pie that is less than 3% of the entire market.

With a whole bunch of new EV models scheduled to debut this year and beyond, the demand for EV batteries has never been higher. Who will claim the title of world’s largest battery manufacturer next year? LG Energy Solution? Panasonic? Time will tell.

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