Tesla launches new Model S and Model X with shorter range and cheaper prices


Tesla has launched two new vehicles of the Model S and Model X. The automaker is bringing back ‘Standard Range’ versions with shorter ranges and cheaper prices.

Over the years, Tesla has launched a myriad of versions of the Model S and Model X – most often based around different battery packs from 40 kWh to 100 kWh of capacity.

Sometimes it even offered new trims by simply software-locking capacity in the battery pack.

Since the Model S and Model X refresh in 2021, Tesla has only offered ‘Long Range’ and ‘Plaid’ versions of its flagship sedan and SUV.

Now Tesla has decided to bring back ‘Standard Range’ version for each:

For the Model S, it drops the price by $10,000 to $78,490, but you also lose 85 miles since the new Standard Range 320 miles on a single charge compared to 405 miles for the Long Range version.

With the Model X, it also now starts $10,000 cheaper with the new version:

The new Standard Range Model X gets 269 miles of range – 79 fewer than the Long Range version.

It’s unclear if Tesla is software-locking capacity in the Long Range battery pack to create these trims or if it is actually producing a new battery pack for them.

We will know when the automaker starts deliveries, which are starting next month in the US, according to Tesla’s online configurator.

If it is software-locked, Tesla has previously allowed owners to unlock the capacity in the future through a software update with a premium. It would be interesting if Tesla brings that back again.

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