Buick reveals new Velite 6 electric sedan in China for a surprisingly low price


Buick revealed the new Velite 6 electric sedan on Friday with up to 267 miles (430 km) CLTC range and a “surprisingly low” starting price of around $15,500 (112,800 yuan).

Check out Buick’s new Velite 6 electric car

The automaker announced the new all-electric Velite 6 on its Weibo page, touting the model’s solid battery life, flexible space, and ultra-low starting price.

Buick’s new electric Velite 6 sedan comes in two options – the Comfort edition, which starts at 112,800 yuan ($15,500), and the Premium edition, which is 115,800 yuan ($15,900).

Both models are powered by a single 130 kW (174 hp), 265 Nm max torque front electric motor, and 50.3 kWh LFP battery pack, providing up to 430 km (267 mi) CLTC range. They also feature 30-minute fast charge (30% to 80%) capabilities.

The differences are minimal. For example, the Premium version includes a panoramic sunroof, an electric sunshade, and a camera for reversing.

Inside, the new Velite 6 features Buick’s new signature cockpit layout. The interior includes a 10-inch LCD instrument panel, a 10-inch high-def touch screen, Gaode navigation, speech recognition, smartphone mapping, and OnStar. It also includes a pure art blue and black inlaid interior design with perforated leather seats.

Buick Velite 6 electric sedan interior (Source: Buick)

Buyers can select from three colors: Aurora Silver, Turquoise Blue, or Snowy White.

Buick’s new electric sedan is 4,673 mm long, 1,817 mm wide, and 1,519 mm tall, making it a direct competitor to the BYD Qin Plus EV (4,765 mm L, 1,837 mm W, 1,515 mm H), which starts at $18,900.

The new Velite 6 joins three other all-electric Buick models in China, including the Velite 7, E4, and E5.

Buick launched the E4 in June, its second Ultium-based EV in China, only two months after its larger E5 SUV was revealed. The E4 features a longer, more fastback-shaped backend and an extended 2,954 mm wheelbase. Its dimensions are closer to the aspect ratio of a coupe.

E4 prices start at 189,900 yuan (roughly $26,400) and range upwards of 259,900 yuan (around $36,100) with up to 530 km (329 mi) CLTC range.

Electrek’s Take

The Buick Velite 6 is another low-cost electric, functional car for the Chinese market.

Meanwhile, we are still stuck with Buick’s gas-powered vehicles in the US. Despite this, GM’s mid-level luxury brand is vowing to go all-electric by 2030.

Buick has filed for trademarks for Electra (“E”) models one through nine, so we expect to see some version of the E series overseas. The Velite 6 is not likely to make the trip.

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