Mercedes-Benz shares progress update of new global EV charging network


Nearly nine months after announcing its initial plans for a rollout of a global high power EV charging network, Mercedes-Benz has shared a progress update that should see some stations opening up very soon. Here’s the latest.

Back in early January, Mercedes-Benz announced plans for the new network of fast charging hubs financed and jointly operated alongside MN8 Energy. The initially announced network consisted of over 400 planned charging hubs, which would become home to over 2,500 ChargePoint DC fast charging stations across North America.

Mercedes shared that it was planning to erect the charging hubs in populated areas where more and more EVs are looking to recharge, offering a space for drivers to plug in near retail and other service centers in addition to popular highway corridors.

The plans are part of a recently announced collaboration between seven global automakers to implement a universal charging network. Beyond North America, Mercedes-Benz is looking to expand a global reach of branded chargers that surpasses 10,000 piles by the end of the decade.

With construction planned for several EV markets around the world, we will soon be seeing Mercedes-Benz branded charging stations opening very soon.

Credit: Mercedes-Benz

First Mercedes EV charging stations to open this fall

Per an update from Mercedes, its first branded Charging Hubs will begin operations this October, starting with three locations: Atlanta, Chengdu, China, and Mannheim, Germany. By the end of next year, the German automaker intends for its global network to expand to over 2,000 points and open over 2,000 Charging Hubs by 2030.

The stations will deliver charge rates up to 400kW and offer a variety of plugs to fit any EV, dependent on the region of course. This includes CCS1, CCS2, NACS and GB/T. As we mentioned during the initial network announcement in January, the Mercedes Charging Hubs will offer Plug & Charge to drivers in Mercedes EVs and allow them to reserve a charger ahead of time.

That being said, the network will be open to all. Per Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG CEO Franz Reiner:

We firmly believe that electric mobility is the key to a sustainable, zero-emission future. Our goal is to create an infrastructure that offers electric vehicles reliable and easy charging options. In this way, we are actively supporting the transformation to electric mobility With the Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging Network, we are expanding global charging options and setting new standards in electric vehicle charging. We want to encourage our customers to switch to zero-emission vehicles and thus make a positive contribution to protecting our environment.

Mercedes-Benz states its incoming Charger Hub network charging network will be seamlessly integrated into the automakers existing EV charger access and will join over 1.3 million charging points already accessible worldwide. 

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