Spotify testing AI-powered translation feature for podcasts


Spotify Technology is testing an artificial intelligence (AI) powered feature that will translate podcasts into other languages.

Powered by Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s newly released voice generation technology, translated versions of podcasts will mimic the original speaker’s style and will be more natural than traditional dubbing, Spotify said.

Podcasts such as Armchair Expert from actor Dax Shepard, Diary Of A CEO from Dragons’ Den mogul Steven Bartlett and The Bill Simmons Podcast, from sportswriter Bill Simmons, will be available to translate into languages including Spanish, French and German.

The voice translations will be available for a select number of catalogue episodes and future episode releases, which the company said could expand the audience of the shows.

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The announcement is the latest in a string of moves which the Swedish company has made to boost revenue since AI technology grew in popularity after the release of ChatGPT.

It has also focused a lot of attention on its podcast business, hoping higher engagement levels offered by the format will bring in more advertisers.

Earlier this year, the music-streaming platform raised the price of its ad-free premium service in more than 50 countries, including the US, UK and Ireland.

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